work capsules

work capsules

Year: 2018

Account: studio aisslinger


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Team: Jan Patrick Bastian, Katariina Minits

Producer: 25Hours Hotels


At the beginning of the 21st century, we no longer work to live. Work has become part of our lifestyle. The easier it becomes to automate stupid, time-consuming tasks, the more important actual work becomes for our self-image as humans. The nine-to-five job in a grey, schematic office-building stuffed with desks and shelfs loaden with heavy dusty folders will soon be history. Let’s embrace a new attitude that positions work in the center of life without turning life into just a form of labor. Work is part of life and must be lived.

Being singular plural is the urban nomad’s mode of operation. Coworking cafés are thriving. But sharing one table with ten people is not always what one needs. studio aisslinger’s work-capsules provide space to yourself, withdrawn and yet in community: Individual cabins reminiscent of space capsules let you float in the universe of your ideas; the cosy intimacy of a private hideaway in the middle of the openness of all the creative minds around you.

Image credits — Jens Bösenberg