Soft Cell ™


Soft Cell ™

Year: 2000

Account: Studio Aisslinger

Team: Werner Aisslinger

Partners: Royal Medica Vincenza


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The Soft Cell TM collection is a limited edition of seating furniture which was ground breaking because it was the first ever use of Technogel in the furniture market.

The formal concept was to do a project which displays the same self-evidence as nike’s high-tech sneakers and the idea of transforming the gel from medical applications into the furniture world was inspiring and mind-blowing.

The combination of the (e)specially developped gel-pads produced with a transparent spheric base-plate gives the furniture of Soft Cell a complete transparency. The gel-pads are fixed to a fibre-glas frame which rests on a simple steel frame. The bases are in plain black and white finish, the gel-pads in yellow, green and blue.


Selected for the permanent collection of Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

Image credits — Soft cell ™