Neni Restaurant Zurich

Neni Restaurant Zurich

Year: 2017

Account: 25h Hotels Neni


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Team: Werner Aisslinger, Tina Bunyaprasit & Dirk Borchering



The Restaurant, with its 110 indoor and 100 outdoor seats, is the second NENI, after NENI in Bikini Berlin, to be designed by studio aisslinger. Famous Israeli cuisine family Molcho from Vienna runs the space with an open so-called “Essbar”.

The restaurant’s design concept is a collage of South American colours, high-quality textiles, textures and finishes combined with raw concrete, scaffolding, plants and coloured mirror surfaces.

For NENI a new version of the classic JULI CHAIR, with a hard shell, inner upholstery and a swivel trumpet base, was designed with Cappellini.

Image credits — Andrea Diglas for 25hours hotels / Jens Bösenberg / studio aisslinger