Co-working at The Circle Cologne

Co-working at The Circle Cologne

Year: 2018

Account: 25h Hotels


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Werner Aisslinger concept / storytelling / design

Jan Patrick Bastian projectmanager / storytelling / creativedirection

Tina Bunyaprasit concept / design / creativedirection

Katariina Minits design & architecture

Dirk Borchering concept & architecture

Monika Losos concept & architecture

Isabel Hane projectmanagement

Julius Iversen design


25hours hotel company


At the beginning of the 21st century, we no longer work to live. Work has become part of our lifestyle. The easier it becomes to automate stupid, time-consuming tasks, the more important actual work becomes for our self-image as humans. The nine-to-five job in a grey, schematic office-building stuffed with desks and shelfs loaden with heavy dusty folders will soon be history. Let’s embrace a new attitude that positions work in the center of life without turning life into just a form of labor. Work is part of life and must be lived. The Co-Working Café at 25Hours Hotel „The Circle“ in Cologne offers the environment to live your work: Together at the long co-working table, in small groups in the break-off units or singularly plural, withdrawn, but not alone in individuel work capsules.

Image credits — Patricia Parinejad and studio aisslinger