Bikini Island in Milan 2013

Bikini Island in Milan 2013

Year: 2013

Account: Moroso


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Bikini island is a modular island sofa concept. Life in the living room has changed quite a lot recently:

Families tend to „chill“ while pursuing different activities such as reading, downloading files, writing emails, gaming, chatting with friends, watching movies on a tablet, relaxing, talking, thinking, meditating and so on.

The monodirectional-sofas orientated towards the common tv screen is fading out as a traditional typology. The Bikini Sofa Landscape is easy to arrange and invites to find ones own composition due to space and activities.

Bikini Island offers various soft volumes with three different heights; from a low daybed to circular elements or freestanding units.

Additionally small storage units, integrated coffee tables and metal tube frames with flower-pot holders, small bookshelves and curtains give various options to arrange special areas and zones around the sofa island.

The belief in simplicity, quality and in the „collage“ as a basic concept and motif for living inspired Werner Aisslinger to create Bikini Island.

Image credits — Moroso / studio aisslinger