Year: 2008

Account: Vitra


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Team: Studio Aisslinger


Experiments for tomorrow’s office:

Basket by Werner Aisslinger

Regular switching from seated and standing activities, from team work and quiet concentration phases – nesting and netting – plays a role in increased productivity. In its search for new ways of improving everyday office life, Vitra has once again focused on the topic of nesting. The result is an experimental approach to how to retreat in the office. Werner Aisslinger interprets nesting in a gently rocking way with Basket a Hollywood swing for office space

The Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger refers to his concept study Basket as concentration furniture that enables relaxed retreat. Rocking gently to and fro, users are able to forget their duties for a short while and absorb and process new ideas and fresh impulses. Basket is based on a steel tube frame with an open basket made of reinforced plaited fibre strips with additional upholstery and cushions to ensure comfort. This creates a pleasing island for relaxation within the office offering an element of outdoors. Aisslinger combines a playful approach to the question „How is the office going to develop in the future“? Basket, which to date only exists as a prototype, is his answer. By means of projects such as his „Loft Cube“ Werner Aisslinger investigates the future world of living and working, while at the same time sounding out the boundaries of design. For Vitra he recently designed „Level 34“, a variable office system with a bench as a platform to which various modules such as tables, boxes and wardrobe elements can be attached.