AXOR – Water Dream

AXOR – Water Dream

Year: 2016

Account: AXOR


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Team: werner aisslinger & tina bunyaprasit



The Sea and the Shore.  

Clay as a historic and natural material for watercontainers used for the AXOR 2016 waterdream for the first time in the world as a spout. Clay is the historic material for water since roman times – it is earthy and natural and used to keep water in amphoras and earthenware – and it is extremely connected to water and changes colour and surfaces due to humidity and wetness – a wonderful material to create a spout.

The message of this spoutdesign is back to nature and natural materials and the recollection of archetype materials which have a beautyness and naturalness which connects perfect with the flow of water.

The Sea and the Shore is a hybrid consisting of a fountain and a shelf – a space for rituality and functionality. Crafted from the ancient and historical material clay, it emphasizes the longevity and the value of water and water-releasing objects in our societies.

Image credits — studio aisslinger & axor